CC04 – Custom Made Pallet Bedroom Accessories

Beds, Pedestals, Storage Trunks, Wardrobes & Cupboards


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Beds, Pedestals, Storage Trunks, Wardrobes & Cupboards

Hand-crafted in South Africa

We still do things the old-school way, hand-crafted products made from real wood.

Authentic Designs

Our designs are unique and completely original. We build everything by hand for the ultimate quality.

Workmanship Guaranteed*

If your product fails due to poor workmanship then we will gladly replace your order.

*Wood is a natural product and the colour and specific grain of the final product will vary from the examples shown on the website. Wood is not a blank canvas and when adding coloured finishes the natural colour of the wood will affect the final colour of the product resulting in slight colour variations from the samples as shown. Our products are manufactured from real, raw wood. Thus we cannot guantee perfectly flushed products, however we gurantee all products to be free from manufacturing defects for two years. If problems with our products occur due to the lack of maintenance and care, NO guarantee will be given.